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Students taking a Winter 2024 course will receive free textbooks. Those who pay their bill by December 15 will have their textbooks automatically shipped to them (do not place an order); after this date textbooks are available for pick-up in the bookstore. 

Textbooks for Spring 2024 will be available for purchase beginning January 2.



Guaranteed to boost test scores and grades. The essentials of this branch of mathematics are an important foundation that future more advanced math is built upon. Using this tool for review and reinforcement is quick and easy to do daily or weekly, keeping all concepts fresh once you move deeper into the subject. Use this book to study, reference, review and ace the grade.
144 page book includes:

  • Geometry History
  • Geometric Formulas
  • Descriptions of Undefined Terms
  • Defined Terms
  • Polygons
  • Circles
  • Geometric Terms in Detail
  • Theorems & Relationships
  • Review of Geometric Formulas
  • Postulates
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